About Us

INTOhomes Group LLC is a family owned real estate investment company. We specialize in purchasing residential properties in need of some upgrades and renovations in the Southern California Metro area (Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties).

INTOhomes is a Christian company. That simply means we conduct business in a way that is honoring to God. Everyone’s treated fairly, without any attempts to deceive or take advantage of others. We believe in being straight forward and transparent about how we operate.

We also have a heart for giving back. In addition to tithing 10% on every deal, we also regularly contribute time and money to a number of charities including: Micah Life of El Salvador.

Our company’s mission is quite simple. To enrich lives through real estate.

Our Core Values are kept at the center of all our interactions in each deal we do. They are:

  • Integrity. Doing the right thing, and operating from a place of honesty.

  • Commitment. We love what we do and are obsessed with improving our services and customer experience.

  • Generosity. We find joy in the work we do, and from that comes an energy to help and serve.

Disclaimer: Any offer to purchase real property by INTOhomes Group LLC is subject to reasonable inspection of the premises.  Buyer's obligation to complete purchase is contingent upon an appraisal of the premises by an independent appraiser acceptable to the buyer and seller.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all current-year real property taxes and/or supplemental taxes and assessments will be paid current and pro-rated between the buyer and seller.  Seller shall convey title to the buyer by general warranty deed, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.  Buyer is purchasing the Premises as an investment with the intent to make a profit.  Buyer may rent, lease, assign, or sell the Premises for a profit.

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