Fix-N-List System

Don't Sell Your House "AS-IS" ...FIX IT FIRST!

We Partner with Homeowners to Flip Their Houses Anywhere In the Southern California (see areas we serve)

Our FIX-N-LIST SYSTEM is a unique renovation and home marketing solution utilized by home owners to ensure that they receive the most money possible on the sale of their home

Most people hire a traditional realtor and just settle for the price the market will give them “as-is”…. And most people leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

We’ll Renovate Your House, Pay For Everything, then Help You Sell Your House At The Top of The Market.

Our clients have made as much as $50,000 extra in profit by flipping their house with our FIX-N-LIST SYSTEM.

We Turn UNSELLABLE Houses Into FULL-PRICE Offers!


Our Latest Fix-N-List Project

Dalmation Ave. | Whittier, CA

Renovations made: new bedroom added; complete bathroom renovation; partial kitchen upgrade; replace garage door; backyard landscaping; electrical repairs; windows replaced; new carpet; paint; clean-up.

  • Pre-Renovation Value: $490,000

  • Renovation Budget: $15,000

  • Actual Selling Price: $570,000

  • Net Increase in Value: $80,000

  • Extra Cash in Seller's Pocket: $32,500


  1. INTOHomes pays for an independent inspection of your home. We want to know any issues upfront, so we can fix them before the home’s cosmetic upgrades. And, so you can quickly and easily sell a home with no problems.

  2. We (you and INTOHomes) all agree on the “As-Is” value of your home. This is easily done by…

    • Looking at comparable sales

    • An Appraisal

  3. INTOHomes then gives you…

    • A repair schedule, often 60 days or less.

    • A list of repairs & designed upgrades to be completed

    • A zero profit budget – INTOHomes makes NO profit from the repairs. When all of the work is done, we give you a copy of all of the invoices. Feel free to double-check what our vendors were paid. We only make money from the profit we create and split with you. So, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money. We both have the same goal, and that’s to make a profit.

  4. INTOHomes completes the repairs and renovations, greatly increasing the home’s value. (Note: On average, for every one dollar we invest in a home, it increases in value $4.17. So, for every $10,000 we invest in a home, it increases in value over by over $40,000).

  5. You then list your home and your real estate agent sells the home, but now for a far higher price.

    • Fast multiple offers and bidding wars are common.

    • You sell your house at the top of the market.

  6. At the close of escrow, the sale proceeds are distributed as follows.

    • First, you get the original “As-Is” value you agreed to.

    • Then, we get reimbursed for our investment in the repairs and renovations.

    • Finally (here's the fun part!) we split the profit above and beyond that. So, you get 50% of the profit we created.

Why not see how much extra you can get with INTOHomes Group? We’ll analyze your house and see what improvements can be made to help maximize your profit.

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